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Heart health is a common concern for people living in the USA. Heart disease and heart attack ins a common problem facing men and recently women are falling victim to this same problems. One of the things a specialist may recommend to prevent these diseases is to have a batter sex life. At first disease this may seem a very unconventional treatment, but it’s very true that having a good sex life is good for the heart here are a few reasons why.

The rush of hormones during orgasm is cleansing for the body. It increases the heart rate to help flush out toxins. This is why people use them term “on cloud nine” after good sex because when you feel like you are in heavenly, this is simply a release emotionally caused by the rush of hormones physically. Sharing in good passion is also good for your emotional health. The joys of sex is no secret, having good sex makes you feel better in your life, you feel closer your partner and intimacy is key to this feeling. When you feel positive in your life, it reduces stress which is big cause of heart attack. Prevent stress, shop together online at a classy place that cares about your health. want more proof?
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Preventing heart problems is as easy as a few lifestyle changes and a change of having more sex with your lover is an easy and often happy way for couples to make themselves feel happy and healthy for many years to come. If you would like more inspiration then read the advice blog located at for several ideas and ways to enjoy love with your partner to prevent your body from becoming wear from lack of emotional happiness.

When the body’s immune system has to work harder to fight off disease it makes us more liable for problems and sickness. To have a healthy body composes so much more the proper nutrition, it also mean s happy emotional state too. Certain studies have also linked health to happiness but not in money format, it’s related to spiritual enjoyment and feeling of success and closeness with family and friends.

11 1st, 2013

This article is not about how wearing condoms is so important because wee all know it is. This article is about alternatives on ways to prevent sexually transmitted diseases. It’s also not about abstinence, which only works if you are a Star Wars fan or a computer programmer ;)
Today, I will give some ideas on ways to pretend any sexual disease by offering alternatives of what to do.

1.) Just Tease
You might think that’s a crazy idea, but come to think of it, it is an everyday occurrence anyway, We love to be teased, that’s why we watch music videos on MTV and go to strip clubs. Does watching strippers and sexy dancers ever get us frustrated? No, we are satisfied with not going all the way by watching the sexy performers and then going our own way. Try this, give each other lap dances or strip tease. Then, stop and leave the house, go for ice cream or something. The pent up energy will be so great, you will feel like aroused people who are better then everyone because you have juts been teased by the ultimate! Practice restraint, you can take it! If it gets too much, of course you can pull out a condom and have sex, but make it a game by truing not to have sex.

2.) Use Sex Toys
This is the best way to have sex without having sex. Get a penis vibrator and use it on her and get a pocket pussy and use it on him. Not only is this the best way to prevent any sicknesses, but it is extremely fun to do. Try it once and you’ll be hooked. I know of many couples who don’t even have sex any ore becuase they play with sex toys so often and they really do feel better then real sex. Think about it this way, does your partner’;s penis vibrate? Does your girlfriends pussy vibrate? Of course not! All you need it some lubrication and enjoy the greatest feeling ever. The couples I know that use sex toys almost every day also like it because it saves them money on condoms and helps to prevent unwanted pregnancies too. Browse for sex toys together and really enjoy your alternative and new sex life.

3.) Go for Something Adrenaline Pumping
sex and adrenaline have the same hormonal implications. You get the same exhilarating feeling from sex that you do from same type of adrenaline infused activity. The serotonin, the pleasure receptors ion the brain flow and make you feel good, the same hormones that are involved in orgasms are also involved when you feel excited and happy. Try going white water rafting or if you really feel the urge, go skydiving. Something to get your adrenaline pumping will make you forget completely about sex because you will be completely wrapped in whatever activity you are going. Try renting ATV’s and exploring nature trails. Juts remember i be safe, wear helmets and get appropriate training for whatever activity you do be safe because of there os no after, there might be no you!

these are just a few popular alternatives to sex and things you and your partner can do to prevent STD’s. the side effects are also that you will prevent pregnancy and you two will engage in intimacy acts beyond regular sex. You can get to know each other on intimate level and enjoy each other’s personality more then their body.

The title may seem sleepy to some but science has proven the benefit of having an orgasm. It’s good to look at sex from an educational point of view, it makes it real and something that should be done and acknowledged, not just stuffed in the back of your closet. The clenching of your muscles correlates directly with the cleansing of your system, the rush of hormones is a flush of pain, tensions and more from both the physical body and mental state. Knowing that, women flock to stores for accessories that help pursue the objective of powerful orgasm.

As comical as it sounds, having an orgasm is a good thing for you and everyone likes to feel good. Popular for couples. Adult accessories are becoming a commonplace accessory in the bedroom. Certain object like vibrators have always been available for sale online but only recently have the taboo image been removed and women are purchasing these at a very fast rate. The strength of an orgasm caused by a vibrator is quite immense and I’m a huge fan and advocate of such pleasures. It’s really worth it however it saddens me to see that approaching year 2013, there are still some sex therapists and professionals who literally ignore the entire realm of better sex at the twist of a vibrator control.

Not too many people know about these things as quite often the woman does not share intimate stories with her friends, but I will tell you today that sales stats prove otherwise, vibrators are hot commodity and only growing in popularity. Another device that men enjoy is a g-spot massager, it helps the women achieve a higher state of sexual arousal which in turn leads to more passionate lovemaking, something every couple loves to have! Going back to the health benefits, I’ve came across several resources where doctors have actually cited results of claims and tests done to prove about this hush of hormones. It really make sense though becuase if you have a headache, make yourself have an orgasm and during this time – your headache will be gone only to return when it’s complete. Like muting of everything so your body can focus on the rush on hand – sounds lie a good thing to me!

If you try to search for Kama Sutra positions you’ll get pages of results telling you where to buy a book. Those sneaky publications always know how to get money out of you! Tell you what, I did Kama Sutra once and some of the real positions are so strange, I don’t see how it can be “loving”. It’s more like a blend of naked yoga and naked gymnastics. You’ll also be flooded with odd pictures that you see in a museum and make no sense like spaceandmotion’s artwork.

Get real and stick with sex tips you find in magazines like and sex ed doctors or therapists like Jennifer Landa. Keep it current, use the word “hot sex” instead of “Kama Sutra” when searching for new positions and you’ll find real lovemaking techniques you’ll actually use.

09 12th, 2011

It seems as if this is too simple to warrant some writing but when you’re doing some browsing for sex toys it can pose a dilemma of what you would like. TheAdultToyShop tells you how to use sex toys which be very useful if you’re new to this and not sure which direction you want to go.

A new sex toy education center has been released with the promise of new and interesting articles every week, sometimes every day. Basically they have taken common question as asked through the live chat or email and made a comprehensive info sheet pertaining to each of these items. Luckily it’s easy to read quick and to the point so you don’t have to waste your time combing through paragraphs of boring text. It’s fast and to the point. Enjoy the new tips.

Some ladies might think why would you need advice on this topic but little do you know that when this phallic device comes and you;r holding it, yes you can use these steps:
1.) Stick in vagina
2.) Pull & push in and out
It goes beyond that and you’ll get some extra tips that may prove to be useful. the best tip ever? Lube, use lots of lube.

** The newest update as of today is the introduction of a new blog which yours truly appears every now and then. Please come over and take a peek at my ramblings, I’m very proud to be abroad and can’t wait for good things to come! First one of my new projects is to write sex toy comparisons. In addition to how-to tips it’s really useful to get written accounts of what different sex toys are like side by side. So many are the same but I will help you divvy up the differences and make sex time with yourself more fun.

11 30th, 2010

The hit show Cougar Town starring Courtney Cox highlights a new type of erotica and sexy woman in our day. With the baby boomers getting much older, the main woman transforms from the middle aged modern sex and the city gal into the older, more sophisticated Cougar Town gal. Even the name of the show has a funny connotation, implying the cougar, MILF or older woman.

Now that many women are reaching into their late 40′s and 50′s, the sexy Appeal changes from the cleavage flaunting, nightclub running sex and the city for into a more grown up mature wine drinking lady. The one character on there, I cant remember her name but she is constantly hitting on younger men in her cameos. She is very straightforward with them and it’s just hilarious. This is a little exaggerated on the way life really is.

The whole show is an exaggeration actually, showing that wine drinking brings a great life. That is true in the Mediterranean where wine drinking is very commonplace, they even drink wine at lunch. Here in America, we have problems with alcoholism so it’s not common to drink it at lunch. Unlike the Europeans, we cannot tolerate our alcohol, we let it control out lives. The show Cougar town is European in the way where they are always shown drinking glasses of wins so large they are practically fish bowls!

Still single in their later years, the women are still as cock hungry as ever, for lack of a more polite term! The men in their area are hot, too bad real life wasn’t like this! They seem to be so careless and Free. The main aspect of the show is that when something goes awry, like when a relationship doesn’t work, then they have each other for support. Friendship is very important at this stage in life especially since the kids are now off to college and the est is empty. If you’re single then you can easily be lonely so its very important to surround yourself with close friends that you can rely on. Have BBQ’s and dinner parties, drink wine and be merry.

Another really great lesson of the show is that you need to looks at the little things in life. When the girl, was dating Smith, she was amazed because his first name is a last name. This is a great example that if you pay attention to the little things in life, be positive you have have a great run. men will think you’re sexy when you’re fun to be around and a happy person. Positivity is very important, think of when they all get together to play their silly games and such, it’s always a good time. Although this show is completely fictional, we can learn allot from it, especially since it’s erotic tones wand we can really relate with it as our population grows older. Embrace your sexuality and yourself for who you are!

The new age sexy woman is more mature, she likes to have nice bathrooms in her house, this turns her on. It makes her feel sexy. She takes pride in her home because now that she’s older, she’s more of a homebody. This show really embodies the joys of getting older, it faces it with a fresh air that getting older is sexy, older women are sexy and it’s all in your attitude. Erotica and attitude go hand in hand because if you feel sexy and know you’re sexy, your confidence will bring everything to the surface and you’ll be just as happy and just as sexy as the Cougar town crew.

11 22nd, 2010

A sex toy is a very erotic accessory for the bedroom. You can use it by yourself or with your partner. Regardless of how you choose to incorporate sex toys into your bedroom life, take these tips and use them to get the most out if the sensation and your experience. Remember that a great sex toy experience can open up a whole new realm of sexual satisfaction. You can experiment with different sex toys and before you know it, no 2 sexual encounters will be alike and you’ll be able to experience different sensations and a variety of different orgasms. If you need a place to buy a vibrator, try, they have photos of the vibrators so you can see the exact size and features of each sex toy. It makes your shopping a little easier!

1.) Use lubrication.
The most important tip for sex toys, vibrators dildos and even for sexual intercourse with a real human penis. When you use lube, the material will glide easily. Many vibrators are thick, often 1 1/2 inches wide which for most women is slightly thick. When you have lubrication this won’t feel too tight, in fact it will glide in easily and make you feel filled which is a very erotic feel that leads to satisfying orgasms. When you do not have lubrication, the jelly, rubber or silicone can pull on your skin and that 1 1/2 inch girth can easily feel as thick a 2 inches. When choosing personal lubricant, try to get water based lubrication because it won’t react with the silicone and it washes away easily. Also, your vagina can cleanse itself easily after using water based lubricate so the risk for infection is much lower.

2.) Use new batteries.
If you take the batteries out of the remote control for your television, which is a common practice for women. You get a vibrator and use those batteries, you won’t get the feel you should be getting. The power of a new set of batteries can make or break your sexual experience. If the vibrations are very strong, you can easily get the orgasms you’re looking for. If the vibrations are weak, you can lay there somewhat frustrated and feel like you;re wasting time. get the full power fop the vibrator with a brand new set of batteries. Most sex toys take 2 AA batteries so make sure you have plenty at hand. Also, sex toys use battery power quickly, so make sure to turn it off when you’re done and store the batteries separate from the vibrator to prevent them from leaking and slowly draining over time.

3.) Use your imagination.
Even if you’re using the vibrator by yourself on your bed or your partner is using it on you, let your imagination fly away into a wonderful sexual fantasy. Imagine perfect lover, s tropical setting, whatever gets you in the mood for sex. Think of these things while you’re pleasuring yourself. For women, the mind is a very powerful sexual tool, when you can immerse yourself into a wild sexual fantasy the erotic pleasure will be that much better. Allow yourself to float freely and imagine whatever you want. You never need to tell anyone what you’re thinking, don’t be ashamed just run with your thoughts and you can lead yourself to a powerful orgasm, very easily.

4.) Use it internally and externally.
Most vibrator motors are located near the end of the shaft. This is on purpose to allow women to enjoy the deepest stimulation It does feel great when the vibration is deep inside you, but did you realize that you can double the pleasure but using the vibrator as a clitoral stimulator also? All you need to do is press the tip against your clitoris! This sensation can often bring you an orgasm itself. The power is usually very strong. If you want to save yourself some money you van get just vibrator and use it internally and externally. You can also get bullet vibrator which will give you stringer more precise power but if your personal budget won’t allow it, don’t worry you can still get the same sexual stimulation with your vibrator.

5.) Buy a waterproof vibrator.
To use a vibrator on your bed is great, but if you have ever used one in the bathtub, it’s like a while new dimension of sexual pleasure. The hot water is already an erotic enhancer but now when you can bring the vibrator into the tub, you can really enjoy better stimulation. It’s highly sensual to be in the tub together and it also is great for squeamish ladies who don’t like to be exposed, you can enjoy a bath with your lover and still keep yourself covered up buy the bath bubbles. You can have your discretion and sensual enjoyment at the same time.

11 22nd, 2010

Women love porn, it’s a secret that is slowly being revealed as the years pass. It’s now socially acceptable for women to watch porn. Women really like it but there is a fine line between smut and classy erotica for women. Even the classy modern lady likes to watch some sexual action on screen, but it’s hard to come by the type of erotica that is best tailored for the professional business women.

To keep porn movies classy is no difficult feat, but it’s very true that the majority of online sex films are dedicated towards men only, showing angles that real women would never do and things like anal sex which is really a slutty thing. The businesswoman, the mother and the professional lady prefers erotic foreplay, passion and normal sex, not anal sex, that’s not something most women would ever consider or even want to look at.

There ar as few advantages of women’s porn. first, women can watch it by themselves, it’s a great alterative to an actual sexual encounter Just like men, women ,like to watch the adult film and masturbate, often by using an egg vibrator or another sex toy. It’s the next step in self pleasure. Sure a woman can lay on her bed and use a vibrator on herself to get an orgasm but when she can watch sex and let her imagination have a break, sometimes watching the real del makes masturbation all the more enjoyable for her.

Another benefit of porn for women is that it’s sex live in front of you, so of course men are going to like it to. It’s great to watch together. A real adult couple, bankers, bus drivers, professors, secretaries no matter what your profession, we;are human and at the end of the day, we like to return home to our husbands and have sex, bit after years of marriage, it can become very ordinary. his is why porn for women comes into play. It’s the perfect compromise between spicing up the love life and watching porn together. It’s classy, professional and well suited for passionate lovemaking.

Porn movies are erotica for women because it’s like real sex, just you would have. There is nothing freaky or weird. Women like watching this because they see the close up of the private parts and they know the feeling of the penis being thrust in, the feeling of sexual intercourse. They can imagine that it’s you being there and it brings the sensation of lovemaking to real life, highlighted by the fact that you’re actually having sex and it ‘s easy to see how strong pleasurable orgasms can come from this.