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Cougar Town Erotica

The hit show Cougar Town starring Courtney Cox highlights a new type of erotica and sexy woman in our day. With the baby boomers getting much older, the main woman transforms from the middle aged modern sex and the city gal into the older, more sophisticated Cougar Town gal. Even the name of the show has a funny connotation, implying the cougar, MILF or older woman.

Now that many women are reaching into their late 40′s and 50′s, the sexy Appeal changes from the cleavage flaunting, nightclub running sex and the city for into a more grown up mature wine drinking lady. The one character on there, I cant remember her name but she is constantly hitting on younger men in her cameos. She is very straightforward with them and it’s just hilarious. This is a little exaggerated on the way life really is.

The whole show is an exaggeration actually, showing that wine drinking brings a great life. That is true in the Mediterranean where wine drinking is very commonplace, they even drink wine at lunch. Here in America, we have problems with alcoholism so it’s not common to drink it at lunch. Unlike the Europeans, we cannot tolerate our alcohol, we let it control out lives. The show Cougar town is European in the way where they are always shown drinking glasses of wins so large they are practically fish bowls!

Still single in their later years, the women are still as cock hungry as ever, for lack of a more polite term! The men in their area are hot, too bad real life wasn’t like this! They seem to be so careless and Free. The main aspect of the show is that when something goes awry, like when a relationship doesn’t work, then they have each other for support. Friendship is very important at this stage in life especially since the kids are now off to college and the est is empty. If you’re single then you can easily be lonely so its very important to surround yourself with close friends that you can rely on. Have BBQ’s and dinner parties, drink wine and be merry.

Another really great lesson of the show is that you need to looks at the little things in life. When the girl, was dating Smith, she was amazed because his first name is a last name. This is a great example that if you pay attention to the little things in life, be positive you have have a great run. men will think you’re sexy when you’re fun to be around and a happy person. Positivity is very important, think of when they all get together to play their silly games and such, it’s always a good time. Although this show is completely fictional, we can learn allot from it, especially since it’s erotic tones wand we can really relate with it as our population grows older. Embrace your sexuality and yourself for who you are!

The new age sexy woman is more mature, she likes to have nice bathrooms in her house, this turns her on. It makes her feel sexy. She takes pride in her home because now that she’s older, she’s more of a homebody. This show really embodies the joys of getting older, it faces it with a fresh air that getting older is sexy, older women are sexy and it’s all in your attitude. Erotica and attitude go hand in hand because if you feel sexy and know you’re sexy, your confidence will bring everything to the surface and you’ll be just as happy and just as sexy as the Cougar town crew.

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