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Stay Safe, People!

This article is not about how wearing condoms is so important because wee all know it is. This article is about alternatives on ways to prevent sexually transmitted diseases. It’s also not about abstinence, which only works if you are a Star Wars fan or a computer programmer ;)
Today, I will give some ideas on ways to pretend any sexual disease by offering alternatives of what to do.

1.) Just Tease
You might think that’s a crazy idea, but come to think of it, it is an everyday occurrence anyway, We love to be teased, that’s why we watch music videos on MTV and go to strip clubs. Does watching strippers and sexy dancers ever get us frustrated? No, we are satisfied with not going all the way by watching the sexy performers and then going our own way. Try this, give each other lap dances or strip tease. Then, stop and leave the house, go for ice cream or something. The pent up energy will be so great, you will feel like aroused people who are better then everyone because you have juts been teased by the ultimate! Practice restraint, you can take it! If it gets too much, of course you can pull out a condom and have sex, but make it a game by truing not to have sex.

2.) Use Sex Toys
This is the best way to have sex without having sex. Get a penis vibrator and use it on her and get a pocket pussy and use it on him. Not only is this the best way to prevent any sicknesses, but it is extremely fun to do. Try it once and you’ll be hooked. I know of many couples who don’t even have sex any ore becuase they play with sex toys so often and they really do feel better then real sex. Think about it this way, does your partner’;s penis vibrate? Does your girlfriends pussy vibrate? Of course not! All you need it some lubrication and enjoy the greatest feeling ever. The couples I know that use sex toys almost every day also like it because it saves them money on condoms and helps to prevent unwanted pregnancies too. Browse for sex toys together and really enjoy your alternative and new sex life.

3.) Go for Something Adrenaline Pumping
sex and adrenaline have the same hormonal implications. You get the same exhilarating feeling from sex that you do from same type of adrenaline infused activity. The serotonin, the pleasure receptors ion the brain flow and make you feel good, the same hormones that are involved in orgasms are also involved when you feel excited and happy. Try going white water rafting or if you really feel the urge, go skydiving. Something to get your adrenaline pumping will make you forget completely about sex because you will be completely wrapped in whatever activity you are going. Try renting ATV’s and exploring nature trails. Juts remember i be safe, wear helmets and get appropriate training for whatever activity you do be safe because of there os no after, there might be no you!

these are just a few popular alternatives to sex and things you and your partner can do to prevent STD’s. the side effects are also that you will prevent pregnancy and you two will engage in intimacy acts beyond regular sex. You can get to know each other on intimate level and enjoy each other’s personality more then their body.

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